Practicum Group Practicum Group has been consulting and training in the field of corporate sales since 2006. As a result, from the series of the most successful trainings a training course was created. The course was called "PROFESSIONAL: the Seller Training System".
M-Logos The digital book protection system of the M-Logos online store assumes the use of one serial number to authorize access to an e-book on no more than three devices, which ensures comfortable reading on both a personal computer and on a phone and/or a tablet at the same time.
Culexus The protection is hard. In today's world, where almost nobody thinks about someone else's hard work, and strives to distribute it illegally to all those who want it, such a program is simply worth its weight in gold.
Anatoly Raznyuk I started to use StarForce just a little while ago. The most important feature of this solution is its ease of use. Everything is simple and clear.
BurService Lt Our company sells drilling equipment. We translate and adapt to local conditions special technical documentation in order to support the sales. These documents are important competitive advantage for our company.
TRANSAS We are developing multimedia systems and 5D attractions for many years. Our branches are located in Sweden, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, India and other countries.
SmartCLIP On behalf of the President of SmartCLIP we want to thank StarForce for seminal cooperation.
IMB. Institute in modeling in business Our company has been publishing magazines for business for many years. All of the articles are written by our own authors and journalists. All the written materials are unique and we want to prevent sharing and unauthorized internet publishing.
SiMi In the high-tech world it is very difficult to remain untouched by the external influence of competitors. Our unique design allows us to be the first in the list day after day. StarForce has helped us to protect electronic versions of our content stored on a corporate server and that cannot be viewed by anyone without special permission.
eTrapez We would really recommend the StarForce Content online service to every educational and training publishing company.
ATC International We are an established provider of professional finance training and consultancy. Our company develops eLearning materials in digital format and sells them in our eStore. I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful service we have received over the many years working with StarForce. Our company has been with StarForce for over 10 years and have always had excellent and quick support.
Pi Logistics, Inc Pi Logistics, Inc. has been StarForce’s partner since 2003. We have protected, duplicated, and shipped over 32,000 CD-Rs to our clients worldwide. In that time we have not received a single report that StarForce Technologies content protection technology has been compromised or of any unauthorized copies of our client’s content.