Anatoly Raznyuk

I started to use StarForce just a little while ago. The most important feature of this solution is its ease of use. Everything is simple and clear.

No need to be an expert or a techie to understand how it all works. No need to install something and read documentation. Registration and protection are done in a matter of minutes. Just after registration, a personal manager contacted me (despite the late hour) and very politely explained me the basics and how to get started.

My friends, after a long time of using different alternatives I must say that this is the customer-focused service which the internet society has waited for so long. Buyers of my information products do not have issues with opening protected files also. It's simple and logical. StarForce is a team of highly qualified specialists. I sleep with a peaceful mind, because I know that my works, in which I invested so much time and a big part of myself, are reliably protected now. Thanks a lot!

Anatoly Raznyuk, Chisinau, Moldova