BurService Lt

BurService Lt
Our company sells drilling equipment. We translate and adapt to local conditions special technical documentation in order to support the sales. These documents are important competitive advantage for our company.

So we decided to protect them against illegal copying and possible delivery to our competitors. We chose PDF protection DRM developed by StarForce Technologies to secure our intellectual property. Our collaboration began in 2003 when we started to use the protection with disc binding. Later we changed the type of binding from a disc to a computer, what allowed us to protect new documents and distribute them to customers quickly. It has increased the level of our competitiveness and now we don't have to waste a precious time and money for preparing a disc. We can immediately inform our customers and partners about new equipment features without fear of leakage of valuable information. It can be done this way thanks to StarForce Content (www.sfcontent.com), a service for protection of electronic documents in PDF file format from copying.

Cooperation between our companies has been very productive over the years. I do note that according to the results of our cooperation we have no cases of unauthorized copying since 2003! Now we clearly know that we will continue to work with StarForce Technologies in the future.

I.B. Malkin
Director at BurService Lt