Pi Logistics, Inc

Pi Logistics, Inc
Pi Logistics, Inc. has been StarForce’s partner since 2003. We have protected, duplicated, and shipped over 32,000 CD-Rs to our clients worldwide. In that time we have not received a single report that StarForce Technologies content protection technology has been compromised or of any unauthorized copies of our client’s content.

StarForce has always strived to advance the art and widen the breadth of content protection solutions they offer. They’ve also worked diligently to improve the compatibility and ease of use of their protection solutions for the content provider and the end user. This greatly reduces the number and severity of support issues that we and our clients have had to handle; saving not only time but money.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with StarForce and hope to leverage and offer their expanding content protection solutions to our clients.

Sincerely, Marc Gregory
President Pi Logistics, Inc.