Protection against copying
and illegal distribution
Control the printing functions
for electronic documents
Activation of access to protected files over the Internet
Protection against Print Screen function and screenshots Prevents sharing of purchased
files by customers
Supports all major
file formats

Our benefits

  • Electronic documents and video/audio files stay protected permanently after protection and they can be used without time limit (regardless of purchased license period).
  • Content can be protected at any convenient time.
  • Detailed reports of serial numbers activation.
  • Ability to set different limitations for serial numbers and edit them further.
  • Distribution of content on any media and over the Internet. Need protection for distribution on optical discs?
  • Possibility to integrate with a client’s web site via API (SDK).
  • Reliable protection developed by a well-known international company, a market leader in the field of protection of copyrights and intellectual property.

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Where to start?

1                 Select what you want to protect: documents or video/audio materials.
2                 Protect your files by following the instructions on the screen.
3                 Generate serial numbers.
4                 Check out how to open the protected files.

Viewing protected files is possible
on different devices and platforms

For electronic documents
excluding HTML and PPT
     For audio, video, HTML
and PPT documents
Windows        Android                iOS                macOS Windows

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