New Features Everyone Will Like

SFContent.com has gained a new useful functionality that will improve the life for absolutely every user - notes in the text, external USB devices, a new license type, a player for protected videos and much more that we are happy to tell you about.

Add notes in the text of protected documents. It's easy!

We always listen to your wishes to make the best of our service. You asked - we did! The latest version of StarForce Reader for Windows and macOS has learned to work with notes that can now be added anywhere in the document's text. Just update the app and get the unique option today.

For the convenience of managing notes, we added a separate tab, which allows the user to easily navigate without having to search for information throughout the document. You can find this panel in the program menu View - Toolbars - Notes.

Notes in StarForce Reader

Create a note has never been so easy - select the text and press the right mouse button. In the same way, you can edit or delete already created notes. Notes are available only on the device where they have been created.

Notes in StarForce Reader

Change the scale for a comfortable reading

Trying to make StarForce Reader the most convenient document reader, we added an ability to scale the document in the range from 1 to 6400%, that can be extremely convenient for visually impaired users.

View documents from external devices without problems

If you use our application for Android, then we are pleased to announce that StarForce Reader has learned to read documents that are located on the external storage device connected to the device via OTG. You can use this option starting right now. Visit the Google Play store to download StarForce Reader!

Reading the documents form external devices

Sort files and keep in view important documents

We have significantly revised the file sorting menu, adding completely new items - sorting by open date, by download date, by name, and by type. Users who store a large number of documents on the device will like this update a lot.

File sorting

Save your time to work with documents using the quick link navigation

Save your time to work with documents using the new Back button. To see it, touch the screen anywhere in the opened document, click Back and continue reading.

Back button in link viewing mode

Forget about the constant prolongation. Whole-year access to protection for you

Do you constantly add new documents or files and consequently prolong the workspace every month? Now you can purchase a license for 1 year and do not worry about the prolongation.

StarForce Player - the new and the best

Sign in your personal account and open a test workspace to take advantage of StarForce Player for Windows right now. We has developed this program, thinking about your future. Keep calm and wait for StarForce Player for macOS and Android. Stay tuned!

To learn more about the app, please read this article.

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We invite you to a free webinar. We will talk about the intricacies of working with the service, and show you the new player and all the updates in work! Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about SFContent.com.

The webinar will be held on February 15 at 11:00 AM (GMT).