StarForce Player: How to Work with Protected Videos

StarForce Player is a multimedia player that is specially designed for playing both ordinary and protected audio and video files in the sfmedia and sfm3u file formats created with

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Protected files are delivered in two formats - sfmedia (a file of protected content) and sfm3u (a playlist file).

For Windows devices we recommend to launch a sfm3u file, which contains all the tracks. But, if it is not present in the received folder, you can run the file with the sfmedia extension or drag and drop it in the player.

For macOS devices for initial startup and activation, you should run any sfmedia file in the folder.


When you first launch the protected file, you must enter the key (Serial Number) received from the publisher. You can do this in a pop-up window.

Enter the Serial Number and click Next. The player notifies that the activation is successful and protected files become available for viewing.

In case if your device does not have access to the Internet at the moment of opening the file, it is necessary to select the Manual activation and perform all the necessary steps described.

Playing and protection against screenshots

StarForce Player has the built-in protection system against screenshotting and screen recording, so you may see a message stating that it is necessary to close one or several running programs that can make records from the screen.

So it's necessary to close all the apps that is irrelevant to the security system. Now the file becomes available for playback.

For more information about all protection technologies against screen grabbing used in StarForce products, learn this article.


If you need to transfer the license key to another device, you need to perform the Deactivation process. This option can be found in the File menu.

By pressing Deactivate, you will see the following message.

After completing the procedure, you will be able to activate the video file with the same key on another computer.


This option should be used only if the publisher has made corrections for the parameters of the entered Serial Number (expiration date, number of activations, etc.).

It can also be found in the File menu - Reactivation.

All actions for the process of reactivation are identical to the usual activation of the license key.