Website update

We have made a number of changes and improvements to our website.
  • Features for clients

    When creating a new project, you can now select "Other files, with a request to our support team" to protect PPT files, schematic diagrams, etc.

  • Processing payments
    • We fixed the error with processing payments through the Onpay system.
    • When you are making a purchase on the website, the purchase code is displayed on the page.
    • In the client profile, there is now a section with purchase codes.

  • Handling expired projects
    • Expired projects are now highlighted with a dfifferent color in the client profile.
    • The interface for extending projects for HTML files was improved.
    • We fixed the error with sending letters to owenrs of projects that are about to expire.

  • Safety

    All website pages and all links found on the website now use the secure HTTPS protocol.