StarForce Takes Part in the eLearning Developer Summit 2014

eLearning Developer Summit 2014 is to be held 27 February 2014 in Moscow. At the conference participants are planning to discuss the issues related to the creation and improvement of the educational programs.

In addition to the details of the developing of educational material, special focus at the event will be on the protection of eLearning courses against piracy and illegal distribution.

“The interest of the developers to the protection opportunities is constantly growing and this trend is easy to explain,” says Olga Sochneva, Senior Sales Manager, Head of Education Sales at StarForce Technologies. “Publishers and education centers are interested in revenue increasing and protecting the exclusivity of their materials. In addition, the critical question of protection came up in front of the corporate customers also, 'cause the specialized training programs may include the confidential data and be a part of the intellectual property of the company.”

During the event delegates will have an opportunity to ask questions personally to Olga Sochneva and learn more about StarForce Technologies security solutions.

Summit venue:
Moscow, Testovskaya Street, 10,
Entrance 1, 9th floor

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Olga in advance, please send a request to