New features of


Meet the update with improvements and new features that will make the service more convenient and useful.

A new level of usability for end users

Previously, in order to run a protected file on Windows, a user had to close some applications with the ability to capture a screen (for example, TeamViewer or Microsoft OneNote).

Now for the convenience of users, you can turn off the program lock in the serial number parameters. The protection against grabbers provides by the Black Box technology, which will show a user the rectangle of black color instead of a screenshot. Learn more.

You can disable app blocking while generating or editing a serial number in your workspace. To make the changes come into effect for an end user with an activated serial number, this serial number needs to be reactivated it.

New information in "Reports and Management"

You can find out information about operating systems where a serial number of your product was activated in your personal account. You can find it on the "Reports and Management" tab. This option is useful for those who monitor activation of protected documents and books on various operating systems, for example, to collect statistics on OS popularity among users.

StarForce Reader update for all platforms

The new version of StarForce Reader has been released for all operating systems, which is designed to fix minor bugs, improve the stability and overall operation of the program, including fixed incorrect display of fonts on some devices. Now nothing should interfere with comfortable reading.

Please note, if documents were protected after the update, you need to install a new version of StarForce Reader to view it. It is necessary for the changes and improvements to come into effect.