SFContent.com: 2017 Year Results


SFContent.com: 2017 Year Results

Throughout the year, we have been improving the old ones and introduced new technologies for protecting electronic documents and books for SFContent.com in order to keep up with the times and be on a par with the reality of the digital world. At the end of the year, we want to look back and see what new we have brought to our service.

Protection methods against screen grabbers

We have implemented the Black Box technology, which proved to be the ideal solution for those who need a fundamentally new method of protection against screen grabbers, which has increased the level of comfortable work of with protected document for end users.

You can learn more about all the protection methods in this article.

Protection of HTML files

We have added a tool to protect HTML books, guides, and e-learning. The service now allows using video, audio, animated pictures, interactive components in JavaScript and many other things in one HTML document and after protection it will work the same.

StarForce Reader for macOS

No less important is the release of StarForce Reader, a program for reading secure documents, for devices running macOS. Now the app is available for download and installation from the Mac App Store, which made the documents protected by our service truly cross-platform.


2017 brought several interesting projects. Two major legal publishers have adopted our technology of protection against copying and unauthorized distribution for their online stores. We became the supplier of copy protection for the periodicals of Rosstandart.

Draws and prizes

This year we held two draws, where the main prize was unlimited access to the service to protect any number of documents for a whole year. One of them was held in the spring, and the second one ended recently and was timed to coincide with the New Year. The winner is Alexa Grin with the purchase code, which ends with T4HK. Alexa will be able to open an unlimited number of projects and use an unlimited number of release serial numbers throughout 2018. Congratulations!

Our team congratulates everyone on the holidays! We wish you inspiration, good mood and financial well-being. See you in the New Year!