StarForce: DRM Protection for E-Books in PDF

PDF is the most popular file format among the publishers of e-Books, because PDF allows to securely protect electronic documents against copying, illegal distribution and copyright infringement.

There are several methods to protect e-Books:

  • Set a password;
  • Copy protection via clipboard blocking;
  • Protection against printing;
  • DRM.

But DRM is the most reliable protection method.

DRM (Digital rights management) is a class of software tools that are used to restrict or inhibit various actions with data in electronic form (copying, modify, viewing, etc.)

The basic idea of DRM is to provide a publisher or a copyright owner an opportunity to decide whom and on what conditions can be granted an access to their content and perform this decision with the help of technical means. It can be the use of watermarks and passwords, the blocking of printing and Print Screen function, binding to a device, automatic authentication, the use of specially developed software, licensing, and many others.

DRM also allows publishers to make after-sales control of the spread of published e-Books, generate statistics of sales and activations. No other security system can provide these features to users.

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