StarForce Technologies released a new version of Protection System

StarForce Technologies, the leading developer of software solutions for programs and digital information protection against leakage, copying and illegal distribution, released the final 2013 year update for StarForce Protection System, the core of most StarForce products.

Within the current update StarForce has closed a number of clients' issues and added new features. One of the most interesting features is the protection of images in the following file formats: JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG for StarForce Content PDF online service.

New feature simplifies the use of StarForce Content PDF service and saves time. Now users do not need to convert to PDF the scanned documents, photographs, drawings, etc. to protect them. The service users just upload JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG file to the web site and get the protected document that can be opened by a certain person only.

In addition StarForce releases a video with step-by-step instruction for easy handling of new products in each update. In the current release such instructional video was prepared for StarForce Audio/Video, the product that allows to protect audio and video files against unauthorized listening/viewing and illegal copying.