We have released a new version for StarForce Protection System 2020.1


The first update for StarForce products this year has been released.

Most significant improvements in version 2020.1 for SFContent.com:

  1. There are no more problems with changing hardware on your device and then reactivating your protected files.
  2. Protection Studio. When protecting audio and video files, you can add multiple files simultaneously or a folder with files.
    We have improved our watermarks. Protecting video files with watermarks has become seamless.
    Adding files to a container has become easier. You don't have to search for the right directory manually, you can just specify the full path.
    We have resolved several issues that resulted in "Unexpected Builder termination" message during file protection.
    Protection Studio now warns you when you add a file from a project that belongs to a different workspace.
  3. StarForce Player для macOS. We have resolved the issue with compatibility on X El Capitan and X Yosemite platforms.
  4. StarForce Reader for mobile devices. Reading PDF files has become easier with the improved interface: we have changed the size of the top menu bar and made paging more convenient.
    We have enhanced protection from screen printing and emulation.