We added a new anti-screenshot method – A black box

new anti-screenshot method – A black box

SFContent.com started to use a new mechanism to protect content from screen capturing. Now when a user makes a screenshot he will see only a black window. This method was implemented via standard tools of the Windows operating system, so its use does not require additional actions from end users.

At the moment SFContent has two anti-screenshot protection systems plus watermarks. The first method requires exiting the applications which are capable to make screenshots, e.g. OneNote, TeamViewer and others, that can be not convenient for end users. The second method requires nothing; just instead of a screenshot a user gets a black window. In the near future both systems will run in parallel - we want to make sure that this new method is effective, and eventually the customers themselves will decide what level of protection they want to receive by selecting an appropriate parameter of a serial number.

The methods of anti-screenshot protection for other operation systems work without changes.