Burservice Lt Recommends StarForce Content

Burservice Lt has been using PDF DRM developed by StarForce Technology since 2003. Burservice Lt chose online protection of PDF-documents against copying instead of discs. It helps to deliver on-the-fly updates of technical documentation to partners and customers and at the same time it creates a competitive advantage for the company.

I.B.Malkin, Director at BurService Lt: “StarForce Content helps us to increase the level of our competitiveness and now we don't have to waste a precious time and money for preparing a disc to release. We can immediately inform our customers and partners about new equipment features without fear of leakage of valuable information. I do note that according to the results of our cooperation we have no cases of unauthorized copying since 2003! Now we clearly know that we will continue to work with StarForce Technologies in the future”.

Full text of Burservice Lt testimony.