StarForce Plans to Launch a Free E-mail Service with Protection Option by the End of June

StarForce Technology is developing a public e-mail service to protect messages and attachments from illegal copying and distribution.

StarForce Technologies, a leading developer of software solutions to protect electronic documents against leakage, copying and illegal distribution, announces the launch of its own e-mail service with an option to protect messages and attachments. The beta version of this free service will be available for users in June 2014.

The service targets a wide audience. It can be used for sending text and pictures to protect private content as well as electronic documents for business activity – any information that shouldn’t be transferred to third people or used improperly.

Usually encryption is used for e-mail protection. In this case after decryption the recipient can do whatever he/she wants with the message and attachments. StarForce e-mail service limits the actions that can be performed with the received letter: it can’t be forwarded and screenshot or its attachments can’t be saved and opened on some other computer and so on.

StarForce is the first Russian developer to offer a protected e-mail service for free. The core of the service is based on the StarForce E-m@il Solution, introduced to the market in 2013.