Summer Update of SFContent.com and Applications

The sky is the limit, so we've released several updates for the service to protect electronic documents and multimedia files, as well as for applications to open protected content. Many of the changes may go unnoticed, so we decided to tell you what we have worked on in details.


SFContent.com updates

Payment systems. From time to time, some users faced a problem with payments resulted in a reply delay from the payment system. Such problem was displaying as an error. We have fixed it, so now you are able to see a corresponding message if the payment system is freezed and payment cannot be carried out.

Interface. We've added an ability to scroll the file name input field if it is too long and does not fit into the standard window size. The window with tips now does not overlap the page text.

Invalid characters. A new auto-check system for invalid characters when generating or editing serial numbers was implemented. The service allows you to input only digits and generate, for example, 5 serial numbers instead of FIVE.


StarForce Reader and StarForce Player updates

StarForce Reader for Windows. Fixed problem with running protected PCDOC files. Now nothing prevents comfortable reading of protected documents. In addition, we have updated the "Black Box" technology (protection against taking screen grabbing), which now leaves no chance to take a screenshot.

StarForce Reader for iPhone X. After the release of the iPhone X, many developers faced the problem of optimizing the interface of their apps for this new Apple smartphone because of the non-standard cutout in the display. We were among them, but successfully upgraded our application to comfortable use by all owners of iPhone X.

StarForce Reader for iOS and Android. We have implemented the ability to add notes in the text of an open document. To use the new feature, please update the app via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

StarForce Player for Windows. Like classics? This update is for you. A small bonus for all who still work on Windows XP. We have improved the player to play protected audio and video files specifically for this operating system.