Get the opportunity to win unlimited access to the service


Make provision for a rainy day but in good time. Do not worry that the academic year is coming to an end - you have time to prepare new training materials that you can sell in the new season. For our part, we provide you a chance to win free copy protection without limits on the number of information products and end users. This will increase your income and will allow you to use the best protection in the world against pirated distribution for free.

"SFContent - All You Can Eat",
a very special offer

Buy products from April 17 to May 21 and get a chance to win unlimited access to the service until the end of 2017.

What will the winner get?

   Opportunity to open an unlimited number of projects (full-featured workspaces) that are valid until December 31, 2017. We recommend to open a separate project for each information product.
   The ability to generate an unlimited quantity of serial numbers for each project. Serial numbers can be activated until January 8, 2018 inclusive.
   All protected files will remain permanently protected regardless of the period of the offer.
   All activated serial numbers will continue to work without temporary and technical restrictions on the part of the service after the end of the offer.

How to participate

Any user who will buy the SFContent product available for purchase on the website from April 17 to May 21 automatically becomes a participant of the prize draw.

Each purchase code participates in the prize draw separately

The more purchases you make,
the higher winning odds you get!

Watch the live broadcast of the draw and the winner's announcement on May 25 at 12:00 GMT

on the StarForce Technologies' YouTube channel

Terms and conditions of the offer

1. In the prize drawing can participate all users who will buy the following products: "License for one Workspace", "Prolong a full Workspace", "10 Serial Numbers" and "100 Serial Numbers" on this page the period from April 17 to May 21, 2017. Purchase codes which are generated for each transaction directly participate in the prize draw. Each purchase code participates separately. The more purchases, the higher winning odds.

2. The organizer of the draw raffles one prize – The winner will get special conditions: the ability to use any number of full-featured workspaces and serial numbers until December 31, 2017. The quota for unlimited number of serial numbers will be closed on January 9, 2018 at 14:00 Moscow time. After this date, the winner will be able to purchase serial numbers according to the standard scheme.

3. The winner will be able to open workspaces through the website and transfer them to special conditions through the support service:

4. The draw will take place on May 25 at 12:00 GMT. The process of draw will be filmed and broadcast on the StarForce Technologies' YouTube channel. All purchase codes will be printed and rolled up to randomly select the winner. The winning code will be shown to the camera and the winner will be able to transfer his/her workspaces to special conditions at the same day. The winner will be notified by email. The winner can use special conditions at any time until December 31, 2017.

5. The winner can't assign the prize to another party.