SFContent.com and StarForce Reader have been updated


StarForce Technologies announces an update of the SFContent.com service and its components, including StarForce Reader.

The new version also adds several improvements aimed to increase usability and improve stability of the protection system.

The list of improvements and bug fixes:

  • We added information on the site and in the notifications regarding the support of iOS mobile platform to view protected documents.
  • We added icons to differentiate more easily between types of projects in the list of workspaces.
  • The Universal parameter was removed from the list of parameters for serial numbers generation.
  • The revision number of protected documents has been increased on the content protection site.
  • The bug that occurred when prolonging a workspace is fixed.
  • StarForce Reader performance is increased in order to view documents containing large images.
  • The display of recently viewed documents was fixed on devices with Android 6.0+.

StarForce Reader is an application to view PDF and protected documents in SFPDF and PCDOC formats. It is available for free for Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Support for Apple OSX is coming soon.