M-Logos Online Bookstore Chooses SFContent.com to Protect Electronic Books


Electronic books in the online store of the M-Logos Law Institute are reliably protected from piracy with the help of SFContent.com.

The current trend for almost all publishers and private authors is, along with printed products, also to offer their digital copies, which on one hand cost nothing to produce and deliver but need reliable copy protection to prevent leakage and free sharing on the Internet to save the publisher’s incomes.

M-Logos, an online eBook store, uses SFContent.com that developed by StarForce Technologies to protect digital content from unfair users. The books in the showcase are distributed in a special protected format, which can be opened on all popular operating systems, providing the flexibility of using on different devices.

"In addition to protection against copying, an automatic serial number generation system was implemented into the online store,” says Natalia Yashenkova, Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce. “Of course, such automation is the most convenient solution for M-Logos that reduce the time of delivery of electronic books from the moment of purchasing to the fact of their reading."

Detailed information about how the protection and sale of eBooks are realized in the M-Logos online bookstore can be found here.