SFContent.com And StarForce Reader Update: What's New


StarForce Technologies has released a global update for two products - SFContent.com and StarForce Reader, a program to view protected documents and PDFs.

The service

The guide on how to integrate the automatic generation of serial numbers to the website through API.

The guide includes information about the protection and the license server API (the latter is used to embed license and activation management service into the client’s website). The document is available on request.

Video protection

End user guide on how to run the protected files

If you protect videos, you can find in the workspace the end user guide on how to run the protected files under the 'Help and utilities' section. It was created to simplify the activation and viewing of protected files for end users.

Open protected SFPDF files

Archive upload

If you ever be faced with a problem with uploading the archive with a folder inside, so this problem has been fixed! Now when you will try to upload such an archive, the website will display a message that you should modify the archive so that it does not contain folders.

File size restrictions

The error that limited the size of media files for protection to 350MB is fixed.

Electronic document protection


Now you can add watermarks to the documents. A watermark can be a serial number used for activation or an arbitrary text. Learn more about how to add watermarks to protect electronic documents.

StarForce Reader


Mobile version of StarForce Reader became available for all users who use devices under Apple iOS. You can download it for free from the App Store. The app is needed to open protected documents in SFPDF file format. More information about StarForce Reader for iOS.


Update for StarForce Reader! The program revision has been changed! For corporate users of StarForce Reader is highly recommended to update the app!

StarForce Reader for Windows interface was updated. The navigation toolbar is now called 'Bookmarks'. The 'Bookmarks' icon is added to show the toolbar.

Bookmarks for PDF


Performance improvements, fixed minor defects. The new version of the app is available now in Google Play.

Open a test project and try out all the new features now!