SFContent.com has been updated

StarForce Technologies announces about the 2015.2 update of the StarForce Protection System and its components, including StarForce Reader.

StarForce Reader is a viewer program to open files in SFPDF and PCDOC formats. It allows to search and scale the document. StarForce Reader manages the access and provides protection from Print Screen and other grabbers.

New features of StarForce Reader:

  • ’Zoom in’ and ‘Zoom out’ buttons are added.
  • The viewer stores the zoom factor of a document and applies it when the document is opened next time.
  • When the viewer opens a protected document for the first time, it sets the scale of the document to 100% (if the document’s width fits the whole screen) or to ‘Adjust width’.
  • The viewer settings file allows you to select what the default scale of the document will be when the document is opened for the first time (‘Adjust width’ or 100%).
  • The list of grabbers is extended (new versions of the blacklisted software are added to the list as well).

SFContent.com has some improvements too:

  • Improved description of the ‘Activations per serial number’ option.
  • Fixed operation with the file names. The error sometimes made it impossible to protect the files.
  • Widget-type links are supported in the protected documents.