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Are you still thinking about presents for your friends and family members, who are engaged in creative work? Do they write books? Create master classes? Do they conduct trainings or engage in designing? Help them to earn on their vocation - present the certificate for the protection of documents and multimedia content from copying and pirated distribution.

Protected with the service products can be sold on various sites like any other digital goods, including social networks, and the creators will have confidence that their work will not leak on the Internet into free access after the market launch.

We offer copy protection for
the following digital content: gift certificate Documents and books in PDF or DOC(x). gift certificate Video and audio files. gift certificate Images and photos. gift certificate Sketches, layouts, artworks and drawings. gift certificate Interactive documents in HTML. gift certificate Power Point presentation with animation.

To learn about a possibility to protect files of some formats please contact our sales managers or support team.

How it works

Сервис is a very easy-to-use service. Just protect files (convert in the sfpdf protected format) and generate serial numbers, following the instruction on the site. Once this is done, the product is ready for sharing.

The end user of protected content enters a serial number while the first file opening. The user’s device activates automatically, and access to protected content is granted only after successful activation.

The certificate lifetime

The lifetime of the certificate is not limited. Use it when your product is ready for distribution.

Purchase the certificate gift certificate If you buy till December 10 you can win unlimited access to the copy protection service for 2018 on Click here for details.