Online Educa Berlin 2012 is over

Online Educa, the biggest expo and conference dedicated to modern education technologies was ended. It held in Berlin 28-30 of November 2012.

StarForce Technologies participated in the event and present its vision and technologies towards elearning security issues. There was company’s booth and its representatives keynoted in various sessions concerning educational content security.

During the fist day (28th of November) Dmitry Gusev, StarForce’s marketing director deputy, took part in «Security and Defence Learning» conference that was organized by New Security Foundation.

Among speakers there were Baroness Neville-Jones, Special Representative to Business on Cyber Security, former Minister of State for Security and Counter Terrorism at the Home Office and Deputy Ambassador to Germany, Marcus Klische, BlackBerry Security Advisor – Blackberry Security Group, Wolf-Rüdiger Bengs, former spokesman of the Bundesbank, Klaus-Peter Willsch, member of the Bundestag (CDU) and co-founder of the “Alliance against the European Stability Mechanism”, Torsten Herbst, Major of Brandenburg Police and Head of the Department Service and Media, Brandenburg police (Germany).

During the luncheon for conference guests, Gusev told about electronic content security in Russia and about necessity of closer cooperation between Russian and European Union to resolve problems worldwide economy is faced.

On the next day (29th of November) in frame of “What education professionals can learn from the security and defense industry” session Dmitry Gusev told about protection and control of electronic educational content and overall elearning content security.

On the 30th of November during the “Piracy, Privacy, Personal Identity and Security” session Gusev presented the methods of electronic content and confidential information security. Presentation described possible issues and the ways of it resolving for courseware developers, educational institutions and LMS vendors. Electronic documents security, pdf and ppt protection, audio and video curriculums control are of main concern for educational specialists worldwide.