SFContent.com update

We are glad to inform you that new features have been added to SFContent.com, which are designed to provide you more effective work with document protection, as well as reading in StarForce Reader. These updates are already available for use.

New version of StarForce Reader

Documents protected after the update, will require to update StarForce Reader.

Reading protected documents without downloading

We are happy to share with you good news. Now your users do not need to download protected documents to read them. Now it's enough to click a special link and the file will be automatically opened in StarForce Reader that pre-installed on the user's device. It will be convenient for those who place protected documents on their sites and allow users to view them by the links.

To implement this option for your documents, a reference code should look like href="sfpdf://...".

A new way to combat screen capturing in StarForce Reader for Android and iOS

Now if users will try to take a screenshot for the first time, a message will display indicating that the screenshot protection is turned on and when users will try it again the serial number of the open protected document will be blocked for 24 hours. In order to be able to open this document, the user must reactivate it.

We recommend to re-protect previously protected documents to guarantee the work of this protection method.

Publisher info

Now you can specify information about the publisher while protecting documents. This option is available in the activation window, as well as in StarForce Reader after opening the protected document in the "File/Details" menu, which will allow the users to get your contact information and easily communicate with you if necessary.

Text formatting in bookmarks

Now you can customize the font style "italic" or "bold" in the tabs of protected documents. It allows you to highlight special items in the document structure, simplifying the user navigation through the document.