SFContent.com Adds Watermarks to Protect PDF and Other Electronic Documents


We are pleased to inform, that SFContent.com, a service to protect documents against copying and illegal distribution, has gained a new protection tool – watermarks. This feature helps to detect the source of a leakage e.g. when a photo of the screen with a document is taken.

You can set a watermark on the forth step of the protection process. You need to select between a text and a serial number. If a text is selected it means that it will be displayed the same everywhere and if a serial number is selected, a unique combination of letters and numbers will be displayed to identify a use in case of a leakage.

The interface of the service is very simple: you can choose font size and color, transparency and location. Also there is an opportunity to set watermarks only for definite pages of the document.

Watermarks to Protect PDF

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