SUN InBev Selects StarForce Solution for Electronic Document Protection

StarForce Content protects SUN InBev corporate electronic documents against leakage and illegal copying.

SUN InBev, a Russian division of AB InBev, the world's largest brewing corporation, has selected StarForce Content to protect confidential documents intended for distribution among employees. StarForce Content restricts access to the protected document and provides reliable protection of internal documents outside the perimeter of the company's information system.

StarForce Content is recommended to protect electronic documents that can include commercial secrets and intellectual property. For example, it could be the description of production methods, financial reports, R&D papers, training documents and other information. The leakage of these documents can cause the company losing  its competitive advantage and profits in the future. The protected document can be used both inside and outside the perimeter of the company's information system.

“The preservation of commercial secrets is an important aspect of any company’s business. Especially when it comes to the largest company of an industry in the global market”, - comments Natalia Yashenkova, Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technology. “The main challenge of the customer is to protect documents, usually in PDF format, that are sent to employees for information. The nature of such documents can vary. For example, the employee should have access to technical instructions or sales recommendations, not only in the workplace but also outside the office. Our solution allows to control access to secure documents and neutralize the threat of copying and transmission to third parties.”

By using StarForce Content, SUN InBev got a reliable solution to protect the internal electronic documents. It allows the company to distribute the protected document among the employees quickly and safely. In addition, the refusal to print documents contributes to the preservation of the environment. This is part of a philosophy, which is reflected in all the lines of business of SUN InBev.

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SUN InBev ( is a Russian division of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewing corporation. The company operates on the Russian beer market over 13 years and holds a leading position. SUN InBev owns the network of modern breweries in seven Russian cities.