SFContent.com Adds New Features

SFContent.com, a reliable service to provide copy protection and access control for electronic documents of different formats, announces about adding new features:

1. The content owner can select how to distribute the viewer of the protected documents:

a. The viewer is included in the archive with the protected documents (current way).


  • The viewer is included in each set of protected documents. This allows opening the protected documents with a single click.
  • The users do not need to install anything on their computers – the viewer runs even if they don’t have administrator privileges.


  • The size of the archive with the protected documents and with the viewer is not less than 14MB.
  • Problems with sending such files by email can occur. Spam filters might block the messages because there are executable files in attachments and because of the message size.

b. The link to the viewer is provided by the content owner and the users download the viewer themselves (brand new way).


  • The size of the protected docs corresponds to that of the original files.
  • Protected files can be easily sent by email.
  • The viewer is only installed once. Any documents protected with the help of sfcontent.com can then be opened by double-clicking them.


  • The end users need administrator privileges to install the viewer
  • The publisher should keep it in mind to provide the end users with the link to the viewer.

2. Support of Windows 10.

3. Correction the errors associated with the release of a new version of the viewer.