Recommendations for Serial Number Settings


1. Use “number of activations” wisely

Each user of protected documents goes through a serial number activation. During activation the protection system associates the parameters of the user's computer to the serial number. Moreover, if a computer has multiple user accounts, the activation must be done separately for each user.

Don’t set too many activations, because in this case people can share them. Select one activation if you are planning a reader would work with protected documents only on one computer. In case of the computer replacement Deactivation option is available to move a serial number from one computer to another.

Select two activations for readers to use protected documents on two computers simultaneously, e.g. at home and at work. Select 3 and more activations only in case Deactivation is not included and protected documents are going to be used for many years (after upgrading or replacing the computer).


2. Select “periodic license confirmation”

If you think in the future it could be necessary to revoke access. Once a Serial Number is activated without this option, it is impossible to revoke it or change it.


3. Use Serial Numbers with expiration date for testing purposes

You can provide, for example, a one-day access to your content and if customers pay prolong the usage period.

Remember that you can edit Serial Number settings at any time you like. But after a Serial Number is activated, editing only makes sense if “periodic license confirmation” or “expiration date” have been set.