Сopyright Protection

The emergence of copyright is directly related to the fact of composition creation. More than that copyright appears at that moment when a man embodied his intellectual activity into something physical: books, research articles, projects, notes, drawings, formulas, etc.

Literary works among the objects of copyright are placed as a separate group. In this case, this term is used in the broadest sense and it encompasses a significant range of creative works with expressed author's thoughts and feelings using the word in written or other tangible form, but also in public speech.

Among them are:

  1. artistic-literary, educational, scientific and other journalistic works; 
  2. diaries, letters; 
  3. lectures, papers and other oral public presentations; 
  4. text translations and other. 

For all types of literary works as copyright objects are inherent the creative nature of their creation, originality of content and presentation.

Most of works are created, stored and distributed in electronic form due to the wide spread of modern technologies. It can be a regular TXT file or a PDF file with colored illustrations. However, any of these documents includes the intellectual property that can be used by others for their self-interested aims.

Copyright infringement can be expressed in illegal use of copyright bypassing the order that determined by the author or the law. For example, downloading of a hacked version of an e-book, a magazine, or a textbook, as well as the plagiarism or the appropriation of authorship for works of intellectual property by another person.

There are many precedents of copyright infringement in modern history. Many of them lasted a long time and had a wide public resonance, such as the patent war between Apple and Samsung. However, a number of small-scale cases can be of some interest.

Sweden in our day is considered a role model for other countries in Europe in the observance of human rights, the executive law and the right to freedom of speech and expression.. Therefore, Swedes can be taken as examples to follow in selecting the methods to exercise human rights and freedoms.

There is an organization in Sweden that has a status of  official religion at the national level. This organization calls The Church of Kopimism. Its name is formed from two English words: “copy” and “me”. The Church stands for freedom of information on the Internet. The main feature of this religion is that its adherents can use any religious, scientific or artistic characters in any of their activities. They can also upload pirated content on pirate resources with reference to their religion that is legalized by the Swedish government. So they can’t  break copyright low because there is no copyright at all according to this confession.

However, not only the Swedes founded similar organizations for advocacy of free information dissemination. In Germany, for example, there is one political party well known to the world public. This is the "Piratenpartei Deutschland" (the “Pirate Party of Germany”, - eng.), which advocates for the revocation of copyright. Julia Schramm is a member of the presidium of this party. In 2012, she became a popular public figure not only for her ideas and political activities, but also because of one scandal. Julia published a book of her own "Click Me: Confessions of an Internet exhibitionist". This book talks about the ideas of freedom of information. The book quickly became a bestseller, and its digital copy appeared on the Internet for free due to the increased interest to the publication.

Julia did not like it, and she began searching for pirate sources of leakage. People didn’t expect that behavior from the prominent politician who once fought for the abolition of such a thing as copyright. It turned out that the social principles can fade into insignificance when it came to personal work and loss of money.

While public figures in Germany are trying to promote their ideas, the government in some other European countries are trying to run with hare and hunt with the hounds. They support writers to protect the law of copyright against people's attacks and provide free access of the information to the foes of the intellectual property. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden "The right of public issue" was created to support the authors whose works are distributed over the Internet, downloaded and read for free. The bottom line is that the authors can receive compensation from the state or regional budget for their free works.  It motivates writers to create new works and motivates people to get more free information; thereby this new  program creates the balance between those who want to benefit from their works, and those who do not want to pay for it.

How to protect authors' rights safely?

There are only two ways to protect copyrights: government support by means of laws, codes and constitutions, and protection with technical tools. The second way is that the owner of the intellectual rights protects his intellectual property against leakage, illegal distribution and literary piracy. It allows authors to prevent intellectual property rights violation and ensure the preservation of documents before starting the legal process and losing too much time and money.

In its turn, StarForce has developed StarForce PDF DRM solution to protect the intellectual property of copyright holders. This solution is used in StarForce Content online service and includes software and hardware protection. It provides the tamper resistance of literary, scientific, journalistic and other works in electronic form.

Therefore, copyright owner by means of the licensing system can not only protect his works against illegal distribution and copying, but also monitor the distribution of protected documents and collect statistics. Thus, writers and copyright holders can easily prevent further illegal distribution and literary piracy of their works.

It turns out that one system is able to protect author against all threats and keep not only the integrity of his work, additional profit and acknowledgment of authorship, but also can save himself from the difficulties that can arise while anti-piracy campaign.