StarForce Reader for Linux

StarForce Reader is designed to provide quick access to the protected documents on Linux.

Detailed review of StarForce Reader for Linux

Main benefits of StarForce Reader:

  • Easy navigation and document scaling.
  • Adding note to the text.
  • Quick search on titles and text of the protected documents.
  • Last reading point memory helps to open the protected document at the same position after closing.
  • Support of usual PDF and ePub documents.

Supported operation systems x86/x64:

  • Astra Linux Common Edition: version 2.12.40 and higher
  • Debian: version 10 and higher
  • Astra Linux Special Edition: version 1.6 and higher
  • Ubuntu: version 18.04 and higher

StarForce Reader for Android: download.

StarForce Reader for iOS: download.

StarForce Reader for macOS: download.

StarForce Reader for Windows: download.