Refund information

Customer can ask for a refund by applying within 3 months after the purchase, but not later than 10 working days after the code of the purchase was activated.

The refund procedure looks like this:

  1. Customer applies for refund to from the e-mail that was used for registration of the account on the website. The application needs to contain the code of the purchase.
  2. If the code of the purchase has been activated, Seller blocks all services that became available with activation of the code.
  3. Money is refunded through the same payment aggregator that was used for making the payment. Within 10 working days, Seller applies for the refund to the payment aggregator. Money shall be returned to Customer’s card within 5 to 30 bank working days, depending on the bank which issued the card. If refund through the payment aggregator is impossible, Seller notifies Customer of it, and then Customer provides Seller with account details for the refund, otherwise a different means for refund is agreed upon.